About SAN

SAN is a unique, planetary-scale, augmented reality (AR) application for creating large-format objects and spatial structures and creating new AR worlds. It is capable of operating with hundreds of kilometres large GPS-based AR objects corresponding to a ratio of 1:1 to the real space. Moving with the SAN application through real space, the viewer also moves through the SAN app augmented reality space in identical scale and proportions.

SAN app objects are linked to a concrete GPS coordinate. In the SAN app they are only visible in the operating zone where they have been placed. The dimensions of zones tend to be between 10 m to 50 km. SAN app objects and structures can ne located anywhere on planet Earth. The maximum size of SAN objects and large-scale spatial structures  can even reach that of a planet.

Large-scale space designs and objects can be ordered from the SAN architects and designers or designed by users themselves and sent to the SAN app creators (san.metaspace@gmail.com) for insertion in the SAN application.


SAN Metaspace is a common AR space covering the entire city and corresponds to a scale of 1:1 with the real space. SAN Metaspace (with the SAN App) simultaneously displays all the SAN object owner zones marked according to their geolocation. Entering each individual, highlighted zone of the SAN object, the application switches, and only objects in that zone are visible.

Object zones can be arranged in multiple layers by inserting them into one another and defining a hierarchy for how they switch as the viewer moves through physical space and crosses their boundaries.

In the common SAN METASPACE it is also possible to include, for example, a city map, highlighted event routes, community districts, or kilometers of informational banners.


SAN METAGALLERIES are GPS-based, large-scale augmented reality architectural spaces for the exhibition of NFTs and digital art. They can be located anywhere in the world and can be viewed with the SAN app.

SAN METAGALLERIES can be reached from the works exhibited using a touch screen, from where it is possible, for example, to access NFT trading platforms or artists’ websites.

Beginning in 2003, a planetary network of SAN Supergalleries is being created with geolocations in the world’s largest metropolises and above the latest art events such as biennials, art fairs, etc. Users have the opportunity to take part in a current Supergalleries exhibition with an individual work or create their own Supergalleries project or exhibition anywhere in the world.

One can use ready-made Supergalleries models (catalog soon) or order an individual gallery design from SAN architects (san.metaspace@gmail.com).