About SAN

SAN app is a unique, planetary-scale Augmented Reality (AR) mobile application - for unlimited creativity. The application was developed as a wholly new and unique solution that allows the formation of GPS-based large-scale virtual structures, among other possibilities. It can handle hundreds of kilometers of GPS-based AR objects, corresponding to a scale ratio of 1:1 to real space. When moving in the real space, the viewer also moves in the augmented reality space of the SAN app - in identical scale and proportions. The SAN application is available on www.san.land, in the App Store, and on Google Play.


SAN app objects are linked to GPS coordinates and can be located anywhere on Earth. Each SAN object can be viewed when the viewer is in the active area of a specific SAN object - in the virtual SAN LAND.

SAN LAND is digital real estate mapped to actual space coordinates. SAN LAND users can purchase their own land or rent it for the duration of a separate project. You can commission large-scale room designs and objects from SAN architects and designers or submit your project to info@san.land for inclusion in the SAN app.


Common SAN METASPACES are also created in the approximate sizes of cities, which show all areas of SAN object owners, which are marked according to their geolocation. When entering each zone of the SAN object, only the objects of the specific location are opened for viewing in the app.

It is also possible to include, for example, a city map, marked event routes, or kilometer-long informative banners in the common SAN METSASPACE.


SAN SUPERGALLERIES is a GPS-based, large-scale augmented reality architectural space for exhibiting NFT and digital art. In SAN SUPERGALLERIES, it is possible to get to NFT trading platforms or artists' websites from the exhibited works using the touch screen.

In May 2022, the SAN app started an NFT art demo project creating a global network of Augmented Reality SUPERGALLERIES in the real space Metaverse, paralleling the major art events in the world. SAN SUPERGALLERIES are currently located and on view at the 59th Venice Biennale (http://www.gabrans.com/super-galleries.php), Berlin Biennale, documenta 15 in Kassel; the expansion of the network continues.

Artists are welcome to submit their NFT works for collective exhibitions, a specific fair, or a biennial (following the list below). It is also possible for institutions, galleries, curators, and artists to order separate, ready-made SAN SUPERGALLERIES for their project or exhibition and ultimately manage the creation of the exposition. The gallery's unique architecture can also be commissioned from SAN designers and architects, or send your project to info@san.land for placement in the SAN app.